Lens Coatings

It’s usually advisable to have your lenses treated with a special coating as this will make them more durable and better looking, as well as improve your vision.



These are recommended for most lenses because they make a considerable difference. An anti-reflection (A-R) coating virtually eliminates reflections from the lens and allows more light to reach your eyes. You’ll get clearer and more comfortable vision, especially when driving at night because the coating reduces diffused headlight glare, and when viewing a computer screen.

You’ll also look better in glasses with an A-R coating because there are no distracting reflections to get in the way of direct eye contact. We recommend this coating to our patients.

This coating helps to protect your lenses from everyday wear and tear. It will not make your lenses entirely scratch proof, but it will prolong their life and provide clearer vision. All lenses at Wilsons Opticians can be supplied with a scratch resistant coating.

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