Thanks for setting me up with my stylish new spectacles. You are really nice people.

David B.

Dear MrBriscall,

Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for all your help over my recent eye panic. I eventually got seen at Moorfields in the medical retina clinic, on March 24th.

They did photos, a scan, an ultrasound and visual sight test. They say that they can’t confirm that the nevus has grown from anyone else’s photos(!) so are regarding these results as just ‘baseline measurements’ and will see me in 4 months. On the ultrasound, the nevus is raised but in profile is sort of flying saucer shaped. There is no fluid around it and she said the rest of the retina is healthy. So I just have to wait, but feel a lot calmer for now. Fingers crossed. See you next year all being well. All the best and thanks.

Carole W.

Just a note to say sorry and a very big thank you for your kindness in dealing with my eye yesterday, especially as I didn’t even have an appointment. And also for your phone call later – I’m sorry I was out at the time.  My eye is far more comfortable today. I shall definitely pay more attention to eye hygiene!

I just wanted to say that I really do appreciate your time and caring. Thank you again.

Dear Paul, how can we ever “Thank You”

Fond Regards

C, K & H

C, K & H.

I want to write a short note to you to thank you so very much for looking into my eye problem yesterday, without any appointment, and for referring me to the Sussex Eye Hospital. I believe they intend to let you know the outcome of my visit, but in brief, as you suspected, the retina in my right eye was starting to become detached, and laser treatment was given. I should add that when the doctor read your note, he remarked that he had seldom seen such a perceptive and well-considered referral, and that Lewes is fortunate to have you. So there!!

Mr McDonald I am very conscious that you gave a great deal of time and attention to me, and that you forfeited your lunch hour on my behalf. I know you said that it does not matter, but it means a lot to me, and I am grateful. Please accept my thanks, and pass my best wishes to everyone.

John P.

Many thanks for referring Mr B who has previously had retinal laser treatment to the right eye following a posterior vitreous detachment. The right eye still has significant floaters. The left eye is asymptomaic but as you noted does have 2 peripheral retinal tears which are tractional in nature and not associated with subretinal fluid. They are, however, at small risk in the future of causing retinal detachment and I have recommended that we carry out some laser to permanently secure them. He should be having this within the next couple of months. He understands the symptoms of retinal detachment in the highly unlikely event of this happening in the meantime.

Thanks again for referring him and well done for spotting the tears.

Edward H MD MRCP FRCOphth - Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

My daughter had her second ‘colour’ test for her dyslexia today with Paul.. Cannot thank him enough for his kindness, patience and professionalism with her.

Vicky B.

Most thorough examination ever with Mr Luff supported by a great team – a pleasure to spend my money! Thanks for all your help.

Dean P.

Highly recommend WWH Opticians for a professional effecient and friendly service.

Lord B. M.

The only Opticians I have used and will ever use.
Friendly Reception and Opticians, mine is usually Mr Luff but all staff are courteous and polite. Great service with a smile 

Andy I.

Been going to Wilson’s since I was a young girl – all my family have been in their care – cannot think of a better place to go to – nowhere else measures up!!!

Cheryl C.