Eye Examination

Everyone’s sight changes over time, which is why regular eye tests are the key to keeping your vision in the best possible condition.

How often you have an eye check depends on your age and visual requirements. The Department of Health recommends once every two years for healthy adults, with more frequent tests for children, people over 70, and those with conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration. We’ll advise you on the right interval at your appointment.

At Wilson, Wilson and Hancock there’s much more to an eye test than just checking if you need new glasses or contact lenses. We also carry out a detailed assessment of the health of your eyes to make sure you don’t have hidden conditions that could affect your future vision if not treated in time.

Whatever your situation, we promise to treat you as an individual, answer your questions, and only recommend what is best for your eyes and vision. Many people are entitled to free sight tests under the NHS and we’ll advise you on this when you contact the practice.

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