VDU Examination

At some point in the day almost everyone looks at some form of computer screen. This could be in the form of anything from a tablet, an EPOS screen, laptops, mobile phones or computer monitors for the purpose of either work or leisure.

People who work with electronic screens are prone to eye diseases such as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This is common among people who use VDU screens at work. These screens can cause stress and issues with the eyes, and the symptoms associated are blurred vision and sore eyes. If you have dry eyes, eyestrain, headaches or even difficulty while focusing right after or during use of a VDU screen then chances are you have CVS and may need to take measures to avoid it.

Your eye examination will include questions regarding the kind of VDU screen you use at work or at home to check whether you are facing any problems.

The amount of focus and muscle work your eyes do can be assessed through our eye examination and you will be advised accordingly.

Using Computer Screens at Work

It is important to note that if you are using a VDU screen at work you are entitled to regular eye checks funded by your employer. Under the relevant European legislation, employees using VDU screens at work should receive an eye examination when they start and throughout the course of their employment at regular intervals.

If the need arises for glasses then your employer is duty bound to pay for a basic pair which is for the purpose of use with a VDU screen only. However, you can make your own choice, but will have to pay for the difference in cost.

We provide vision screening and eye examinations for several local companies. This includes VDU screening, industry specific testing and full eye examinations. We also carry a comprehensive range of safety spectacles, suitable for most types of industrial protection.

For more information please contact us and one of our team members will be delighted to discuss your or your company’s needs.